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Excel VBA common basic questions

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What is VBA?

VBA stands for Visual Basics for Applications. VBA is the programming language that is used to develop programs within excel. It can turn complex or time-consuming tasks into automated processes, saving time, and improving the quality of reporting.

Simply, VBA is the human-readable and editable programming code that generated when you record Macro in Excel.

So, if you are familiar with macros, you will easily learn VBA.

And if you are not familiar with macros, don’t worry…I have been included some basics of it. After understanding the basics you can learn VBA.

In which industries VBA coding skills are most relevant?

VBA is the programming language that can be used in every industry, but as per VBA experts it is used mainly in Banking and Finance arena. Mainly investment banks, retail and institutional banks. There is a demand for VBA work in Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, and accounting firms, so it is very useful if you have learned VBA.

Any prerequisite for VBA learning?

If you have not learned or worked with any programming language before, VBA should be quite difficult to learn this. But if you have been done some coding previously, VBA is easy for you. As this is a Microsoft Office program, you must have knowledge of Excel.

As this book is the basics part you will learn the basic tasks which we are doing in Excel like, Cell referencing, Copy Paste, Fonts, Background color, Wrap text, Merge, working with worksheets and workbooks, etc. in VBA by typing code in Editor pane, you must have the knowledge and understanding of Excel basics.

What are Macros and VBA?

Macro is a piece of code that is written in the programming language like VBA.

VBA is an editor in Excel…We can code using VBA!

The main difference between VBA and Macros is that VBA is a programming language to create Macros and writing codes while Macros are programming codes that run on an Excel environment to perform automatic routine tasks.

Why Macros are required?

I know you have doubt that why Macros is required, the reason is although there are already 300-400 formulas, 300-400 tasks we can do in Excel, Macros are used to save time. You can do many tasks using Macros, like

· Repetitive tasks

· Developing a new formulae

· Difficult (Complex) task


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