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How I cleared Actuarial exams in the First Attempt

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In this my first article, I am going to tell the points which I personally have used to clear Actuarial exams in the first attempt. Actuarial exams progress is so important while you are pursuing graduation or working as an employee in any company. For clearing exams, too many late-night studies, Doubt-solving, lengthy chapters, etc invested by the student, but after this all If the student fails to clear the exam, it is so disappointing for anyone.

Someone truly said,

"Hard work is the only way to SUCCESS" 

I gave the first actuarial exam in Sept-2017, In 2 years I cleared 6 actuarial exams. The strategy before studying is below.

I personally follow the following points to clear the exams, I hope you find it helpful.

1. Start from the basics


When you are going to start preparing for a new exam, always start with the basics. Sometimes without clearing basics, we go to the advanced chapters or sums but always one thing you must always clear that till when you will not clear basics; easy chapters and sums also seem hard.

At the time of studying, I am always used to starting with the basics. Understand the basics as many times as you can, because once you clear the basics you can easily solve sums.

In the exam, if the difficult question is asked by the paper setter, and if you know the basics, you can at least solve basic parts and get sufficient marks to pass.

2. Make handwritten notes


Sometimes you rely on the notes provided by others, but it is best if you make your own handwritten notes as it will help to summarise fast than using others' notes. Like, after you complete your daily target and you make handwritten notes of the topics you completed, you can revise it easily.

The study reveals that if you go through the handwritten notes within 24 hours, it increases your memory by as much as 70 percent.

Handwritten notes are also helpful at exam time to go through the all-important points.

3. Highlight the important points


If you are using hardcopy for preparing for the exam, always underline or highlight important points in each chapter. This helps you to remember again when you come back to that chapter again.

Highlighted points help to remember all the important points on exam day.

One more important point is that when you find some topic difficult or very much likely to ask in the exam, make some symbols on that topic so that when you revise it again you can give more attention to that particular point.

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4. Practice the sums


If you are preparing for practical exams like CM1 (CT1 + CT5), CS1 (CT3), CS2 (CT4 + CT6), CM2 (CT8) it is required to practice all the sums as many times as you can.

Sometimes we do not give importance to easy sums and skip them, but to increase the chance of passing exams, it is necessary to calculate all the sums.

In Actuarial exams, a formula book is given at the Exam center but must prefer you to remember as many as formulas you can. This saves your time in the exam hall to find the formulas from the formula book, practicing the sums is the only way to remember the formulas.

5. Don’t believe that you read everything


Do not make the mistake of believing that I read everything and no need to revise again. There are always some topics that you need to revise again and again.

Sometimes this costs badly in exams if topics were not prepared properly with all the important concepts.

6. Do not waste time on the topics that are really hard to prepare if you have less time


If you have really less time for preparing for the exam but you completed 70-80 percent course and you are trying to finish the whole course that is good, but if that 20-30 percent part taking more time, and you are sure that you can not learn then skip it.

Just try to cover the basics of that part and focus on 70-80 percent part. Try to achieve full marks in that 70-80 part that's the symbol of smart study.

You can use the same strategy while giving an exam, do not waste more time on the question you don't know the answer to, Jump to the next question and solve the questions for which you know the answer. After that If you have time, try to solve the questions, you don't know the answer to, try to complete the basic part of that question.

7. Revise frequently


After completing the chapters, do not forget to revise again. All the exams have between 15-20 chapters, so after completing every part of the study material try to revise it again.

This helps you to remember all the important points of the chapters again and again.

Solving past papers is the best way to prepare after completing the whole syllabus. Try to solve the Question-paper on your own and then self-assess it to find the mistakes you have done, and the topics that seem difficult for you.

➡ I have included all the points which I am following at the time of the study. I hope this helps you.

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