• Kalpesh Agrawal

How to download and install SQL server

In this article, you will learn the whole process of Download and Install the SQL server.


You must require more than 1 GB space, .Net Framework, Processor Speed recommended 2.0 GHz or faster.

Download SQL Server Setup

You can follow the process given below to download the SQL Server Setup.

Step 1) Go to the URL:

Step 2) After opening the link given above, you will be redirected to the page from where you can download the SQL server setup. Microsoft provides two free editions to work on the Microsoft SQL server:

  1. Developer: This is the full-featured free edition of SQL Server. You can use this as a development and testing the database. From the learning perspective, you can use this but can't use it for production.

  2. Express: This is also a free edition of SQL server, can be used for desktop, web, and small server applications. You will not get the feature of Business Intelligence applications.

Click on the Developer edition for installation.

You can see the file as downloaded below...


Install SQL server setup

Follow the steps given to install the SQL server.

Step 1) Double click on the file "SQL2019-SSEI-Dev.exe". After that, you will see the screen below.

Step 2) You have to click on the 'Basic' option, as that is the basics installation type with the default configuration.

Step 3) Now you can see the "Microsoft Server Licence Terms" Screen appeared on your screen. Read the Licence Terms and then click 'Accept':

Step 4) You can see the "Specify SQL Server install location" window will apprear on your screen.

  1. Default location is "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server".

  2. If you want to change the location of installation you can click on "Browse" button.

  3. Once you select the location, click the "Install" button.

After clicking on the "Install" button, you can see that the installation process started, given in the image below.

Once the download process is complete; developer installation process will initiate by the system.

Step 5) Once the installation process completed successfully, the window given below will appear on the screen.

After the above window appeared on your screen, your installation completed successfully and you can close the window.

But before that learn some keywords shown on the window.


Below is a summary of buttons given on the window:

1. Connect Now: When you click on that button the window given below will be appeared on your screen. Basically that opens the command promptand the command will run from command prompt, which shows that we can connect to new MSSQLSERVER instance successfully.

2. Customize: If you click on this button "SQL Installation center" will be open, you can add features.

3. Install SSMS: SSMS(SQL Server Management Studio) is IDE(Integrated Development Environment). This butten redirect you to the Microsoft SSMS download link. You can read the whole process to Install SSMS in the next article.

4. Close: As the installation process is completed, you can click on this button. You are ready to install SSMS from the next article given in the link.