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List of Property and Casualty Insurance Companies in Alabama (USA)

Read the list of Insurance Companies in Alabama State (USA)

The list contains both Domestic Insurers and Licensed out-of-state Companies.


21st CenturyCas Co

21st CenturyIns Co

Aca Fin Guar Corp

Acadia Ins Co


Access Ins Co

Accident Fund Ins Co of Amer

Accident Ins Co Inc

Accredited Surety& Cas Co Inc

Ace Amer Ins Co

Ace Fire Underwriters Ins Co

Ace Prop & Cas Ins Co


Acstar Ins Co

Acuity A Mut Ins Co

Advantage WorkersComp Ins Co

Aegis SecurityIns Co

Aetna Ins Co of CT

Affiliated Fm Ins Co

Affirmative Ins Co

AGCS MarineIns Co

Agri Gen Ins Co

AIG Cas Co

AIG Centennial Ins Co

AIG Natl Ins Co Inc

AIG PremierIns Co

AIU Ins Co

Alabama Municipal Ins Corp

Alaska Natl Ins Co

Alea NorthAmerica Ins Co

Alfa Gen Ins Corp

Alfa Ins Corp

Alfa Mut Fire Ins Co

Alfa Mut Gen Ins Co

Alfa Mut Ins Co

Alfa Specialty Ins Corp

Alfa Vision Ins Corp

Allegheny Cas Co

Allianz GlobalRisks US Ins Co

Allied World Natl AssurCo

Allied World Reins Co

Allmerica Fin Benefit Ins Co

Allstate Fire & Cas Ins Co

Allstate Ind Co

Allstate Ins Co

Allstate Prop & Cas Ins Co

Ambac AssurCorp

American Agri Business Ins Co

American Agricultural Ins Co

American Alt Ins Corp

American Automobile Ins Co

American BankersIns Co Of FL

American Cas Co Of Reading PA

American Centennial Ins Co

American ColonialIns Co Inc

American CommerceIns Co

American Contractors Ind Co

American EconomyIns Co

American EmpireIns Co

American EquityIns Co

American FamilyHome Ins Co

American FederatedIns Co

American Fire & Cas Co

American Fuji Fire & Marine Ins Co

American Gen Ind Co

American Gen Prop Ins Co

American Guar & Liab Ins

American HardwareMut Ins Co

American HlthcareInd Co

American Home Assur Co

American Ins Co

American Interstate Ins Co

American Intl Ins Co

American Manufacturers Mut Ins Co

American MerchantsCas

American MercuryIns Co

American MiningIns Co Inc

American ModernHome Ins Co

American Modern Select Ins Co

American MotoristsIns Co

American Natl Gen Ins Co

American Natl Prop & Cas Co

American ReliableIns Co

American ResourcesIns Co Inc

American Road Ins Co

American SafetyCas Ins Co

American SecurityIns Co

American SentinelIns Co

American Serv Ins Co Inc

American SouthernHome Ins Co

American SouthernIns Co

American States Ins Co

American States Ins Co Of TX

American StatesPreferred Ins Co

American Surety Co

American VehicleIns Co

American Zurich Ins Co

Amerin Guar Corp

Ameriprise Ins Co

Amerisure Ins Co

Amerisure Mut Ins Co

Amex Assur Co

AmFirst Ins Co

Amguard Ins Co

Amica Mut Ins Co

Anesthesiologists Pro Assur Co

Ansur Amer Ins

Arch Ind Ins Co

Arch Ins Co

Arch Reins Co

Architects &Engineers Ins Co RRG

Argonaut Great Central Ins Co

Argonaut Ins Co

Argonaut MidwestIns Co

Armed ForcesIns Exch

Arrowood Ind Co

Associated Ind Corp

Associated Industries Ins Co Inc

Association Ins Co

Assurance Co Of Amer

AssuranceAmerica Ins Co

Assured Guar Corp

Athena Assur Co

Atlanta Intl Ins Co

Atlantic Ins Co

Atlantic Mut Ins Co

Atlantic SpecialtyIns Co

Atradius Trade Credit Ins Co

Attorneys Ins Mut Of AL Inc

Audubon Ins Co

Austin Mut Ins Co

Auto Club Family Ins Co

Auto Club Prop Cas Ins Co

Auto Owners Ins Co

Automobile Club Interins Exch

Automobile Ins Co Of Hartford CT

Avemco Ins Co

AXA Art Ins Corp

AXA Ins Co

AXA Re Prop & Cas Ins Co

Axis Ins Co

AXIS Reins Co

AXIS SurplusIns Co

Balboa Ins Co

Baldwin Mut Ins Co

Bancinsure Inc

Bankers Ins Co

Bankers StandardFire & MarineCo

Bankers StandardIns Co

BCS Ins Co

Beazley Ins Co Inc

Benchmark Ins Co

Berkley Ins Co

Berkley RegionalIns Co

Bituminous Cas Corp

Bituminous Fire & Marine Ins Co

Bond Safeguard Ins Co

Bridgefield Cas Ins Co

Brierfield Ins Co

Bristol W Ins Co

Brotherhood Mut Ins Co

California Cas Ind Exch

Camden Fire Ins Assoc

Camico Mut Ins Co

Campmed Cas & Ind Co Inc MD

Canal Ins Co

Capital AssurCo Inc

Capital City Ins Co Inc

Capital MarketsAssur Corp

Capitol Ind Corp

Cardif Prop & Cas Ins Co

Carolina Cas Ins Co

Catawba Ins Co

Caterpillar Ins Co

Catlin Ins Co

Centennial Cas Co

Centennial Ins Co

Central StatesInd Co Of Omaha

Centre Ins Co

Centurion Cas Co

Century Reins Co

Charter Oak Fire Ins Co

Cherokee Ins Co

Chicago Ins Co

Chubb Ind Ins Co

Chubb Natl Ins Co

Church Ins Co

Church Mut Ins Co

CIFG Assur N Amer Inc

CIM Ins Corp

Cincinnati Cas Co

Cincinnati Ins Co

Citizens Ins Co Of Amer

Clarendon Natl Ins Co

Clearwater Ins Co

Clearwater Select Ins Co

CMG MortgageAssur Co

CMG MortgageIns Co

CNL Ins Amer Inc

Coastal Ins RRG Inc

Coliseum Reins Co

Cologne Reins Co Of Amer

Colonial Amer Cas &Surety Co

Colonial Surety Co

Colony Specialty Ins Co

Colorado Cas Ins Co

Columbia Mut Ins Co

Commerce & Industry Ins Co

Commercial AllianceIns Co

Commercial Cas Ins Co

Commercial Loan Ins Corp

Commonwealth Ins Co Of Amer

Companion Commercial Ins Co

Companion Prop & Cas Ins Co

Compass Ins Co

Constitution Ins Co

Consumers Ins Usa Inc

Continental Cas Co

Continental Ind Co

Continental Ins Co

Continental WesternIns Co

Contractors Bonding& Ins Co

Cornhusker Cas Co

Cotton StatesMut Ins Co

Country Cas Ins Co

Country Mut Ins Co

Country Pref Ins Co

Courtesy Ins Co

CPA Ins Co

Cumis Ins Society Inc

Cypress Ins Co

DaimlerChrysler Ins Co

Dairyland Ins Co

Dallas Natl Ins Co

Darwin Natl Assur Co

Dealers Assur Co

Deerbrook Ins Co

Deerfield Ins Co

Delos Ins Co

Developers Surety & Ind Co

Diamond State Ins Co

Direct Gen Ins Co

Direct Natl Ins Co

Discover Prop & Cas Ins Co

Doctors Co An InterinsExch

Donegal Mut Ins Co

Eastguard Ins Co

Economy Fire & Cas Co

Economy Preferred Ins Co

Economy PremierAssur Co

Electric Ins Co

Emc Prop & Cas Ins Co

Emcasco Ins Co

Empire Fire & MarineIns Co

Employers Assur Co

Employers Fire Ins Co

Employers Ins of Wausau

Employers Mut Cas Co

Employers PreferredIns Co

Encompass Ind Co

Encompass Ins Co Of Amer

Endurance Amer Ins Co

Endurance ReinsCorp of Amer

Equity Ins Co

Essentia Ins Co

Esurance Ins Co

Esurance Prop & Cas Ins Co

Euler HermesAmer Credit Ind Co

Everest Natl Ins Co

Everest Reins Co

Everest SecurityIns Co

Evergreen Natl Ind Co

Everspan Fin Guar Corp

Excess ShareIns Corp

Executive Risk Ind Inc

Factory Mut Ins Co

Fairfield Ins Co

Fairmont PremierIns Co

Fairmont Specialty Ins Co

Farmers Ins Exch

Farmers Mut Hail Ins Co Of IA

Farmington Cas Co

Farmland Mut Ins Co


Federal Ins Co

Federated Mut Ins Co

Federated Rural Electric Ins Exch

Federated Serv Ins Co

FFG Ins Co

FFVA Mut Ins Co

Fidelity & Deposit Co Of MD

Fidelity & Guar Ins Co

Fidelity & Guar Ins Underwriters Inc

Fidelity First Ins Co

Fidelity Natl Ins Co

Fidelity Natl Prop & Cas Ins Co

Financial Guar Ins Co

Financial Ind Co

Financial SecurityAssur Inc

Fire Ins Exch

Firemans Fund Ins Co

Firemens Ins Co Of Washington DC

First Acceptance Ins Co Inc

First Amer Prop & Cas Ins Co

First ColonialIns Co

First Fin Ins Co

First Guard Ins Co

First LibertyIns Corp

First Natl Ins Co Of Amer

First Professionals Ins Co

First SealordSurety Inc

Florida Hospitality Mut Ins Co

Florists Mut Ins Co

Foremost Ins Co Grand Rapids MI

Foremost Prop & Cas Ins Co

Foremost SignatureIns Co

Fortress Ins Co

Frankenmuth Mut Ins Co

Garrison Prop & Cas Ins Co

Gateway Ins Co

Geico Cas Co

Geico Gen Ins Co

Geico Ind Co

General Cas Co Of WI

General FidelityIns Co

General Ins Co Of Amer

General ReinsCorp

General SecurityNatl Ins Co

General Star Natl Ins Co

Generali Us Branch

Genesis Ins Co

Genworth Financial Assur Corp

Genworth MortgageIns Corp

Genworth MortgageIns Corp Of NC

Genworth Residential Mortgage Ins Co

Georgia Cas & SuretyCo

Georgia Mut Ins Co

Geovera Ins Co

Gerling Amer Ins Co

Germantown Ins Co

Global Reins Corp Of Amer

GMAC DirectIns Co

GMAC Ins Co OnlineInc

Government EmployeesIns Co

Gramercy Ins Co

Grange Mut Cas Co

Granite State Ins Co

Graphic Arts Mut Ins Co

Gray Ins Co

Great Amer Alliance Ins Co

Great Amer Assur Co

Great Amer Cas Ins Co

Great Amer Ins Co

Great Amer Ins Co of NY

Great Amer Security Ins Co

Great Amer Spirit Ins Co

Great Divide Ins Co

Great MidwestIns Co

Great NorthernIns Co

Great West Cas Co

Greater NY Mut Ins Co

Greenwich Ins Co

Guarantee Co Of N Amer USA

Guarantee Ins Co

Guideone Amer Ins Co

Guideone Elite Ins Co

Guideone Mut Ins Co

Guideone SpecialtyMut Ins Co

Gulf Guar Ins Co

Hallmark Ins Co

Hanover Amer Ins Co

Hanover Ins Co

Harbor SpecialtyIns Co

Harco Natl Ins Co

Harleysville AtlanticIns Co

Harleysville Ins Co

Harleysville Mut Ins Co

Harleysville PreferredIns Co

Harleysville WorcesterIns Co

Hartford Accident& Ind Co

Hartford Cas Ins Co

Hartford Fire In Co

Hartford Ins Co Of The Midwest

Hartford Steam Boil Inspec& Ins Co

Hartford Steam Boil Inspec Ins Co CT

Hartford Underwriters Ins Co

Haulers Ins Co Inc

HCC Ins Co

Heritage Cas Ins Co

Heritage Ind Co

Highmark Cas Ins Co

Hillstar Ins Co

Hiscox Ins Co Inc

Home OwnersIns Co

Homesite Ins Co Of The Midwest

Horace Mann Ins Co

Horace Mann Prop &Cas Ins Co

Housing Authority Prop A Mut Co

Houston Gen Ins Co

HSBC Ins Co of DE

Hudson Ins Co

Hyundai Marine& Fire Ins Co Ltd

IDS Prop Cas Ins Co

Illinois Natl Ins Co

Imperial Cas & Ind Co

Imperial Fire & Cas Ins Co

Indemnity Ins Co Of North Amer

Indemnity Natl Ins Co

Independence Amer Ins Co

Indiana Lumbermens Mut Ins Co

Infinity Auto Ins Co

Infinity Cas Ins Co

Infinity Ins Co

Infinity PremierIns Co

Infinity Safeguard Ins Co

Infinity SecurityIns Co

Infinity Select Ins Co

Infinity Specialty Ins Co

Infinity StandardIns Co

Insurance Co of N Amer

Insurance Co Of The State Of PA

Insurance Co Of The West

Integon Gen Ins Corp

Integon Ind Corp

Integon Natl Ins Co

International FidelityIns Co

Intrepid Ins Co

Ironshore Ind Inc

Jefferson Ins Co

Jewelers Mut Ins Co

Kansas BankersSurety Co

Kemper Cas Ins Co

Kodiak Ins Co

Lafayette Ins Co

Lancer Ins Co

Laurier Ind Co

Lexington Natl Ins Corp

Lexon Ins Co

Liberty Ins Corp

Liberty Ins Underwriters Inc

Liberty Mut Fire Ins Co

Liberty Mut Ins Co

Lincoln Gen Ins Co

LM Gen Ins Co

LM Ins Corp

LM PersonalIns Co

LM Prop & Cas Ins Co

Lumber Mut Ins Co

Lumbermens Mut Cas Co

Lumbermens Underwriting Alliance

Lyndon Prop Ins Co

Lyndon SouthernIns Co

Madison Ins Co

MAG Mut Ins Co

Manufacturers AllianceIns Co

Mapfre Ins Co

Markel Amer Ins Co

Markel Ins Co

Maryland Cas Co

Maryland Ins Co

Massachusetts Bay Ins Co

Max Amer Ins Co

MBIA Ins Corp

MBIA Ins Corp Of IL

Medical AssurCo Inc

Medical Mut Ins Co Of NC

Medical Protective Co

Medmarc Cas Ins Co

Memic Ind Co

Mendota Ins Co

Merastar Ins Co

Merchants BondingCo a Mut

Meridian SecurityIns Co

Meritplan Ins Co

Metropolitan Cas Ins Co

Metropolitan Drt Prop & Cas Ins Co

Metropolitan Gen Ins Co

Metropolitan Grp Prop & Cas Ins Co

Metropolitan Prop & Cas Ins Co

MGA Ins Co Inc

MGIC AssurCorp Gen Account

MGIC CreditAssur Corp

MGIC Ind Corp

MIC Gen Ins Corp

MIC Prop & Cas Ins Corp

Mid CenturyIns Co

Mid Continent Cas Co

Middlesex Ins Co

Midwest EmployersCas Co

Midwestern Ind Co

Millers FirstIns Co

Minnesota LawyersMut Ins Co

Mitsui SumitomoIns Co of Amer

Mitsui SumitomoIns USA Inc

Monroe Guar Ins Co

Mortgage Guar Ins Corp

Motors Ins Corp

Mount VernonFire Ins Co

Munich Reins Amer Inc

Mutual SavingsFire Ins Co

National Amer Ins Co

National Cas Co

National Continental Ins Co

National FarmersUnion Prop & Cas

National Fire & Ind Exch

National Fire Ins Co Of Hartford

National Gen Assur Co

National Gen Ins Co

National Ind Co

National Ins Assn

National Ins Co Of WI Ins

National Interstate Ins Co

National Liab & Fire Ins Co

National Reins Corp

National SecurityFire & Cas Co

National SpecialtyIns Co

National StandardIns Co

National SuretyCorp

National Trust Ins Co

National Union Fire Ins Co Of LA

National Union Fire Ins Co Of Pitts

Nationwide AffinityCo of Amer

Nationwide Agribusiness Ins Co

Nationwide Assur Co

Nationwide Gen Ins Co

Nationwide Ins Co Of Amer

Nationwide Mut Fire Ins Co

Nationwide Mut Ins Co

Nationwide Prop & Cas Ins Co

NAU CountryIns Co

Navigators Ins Co


Netherlands Ins Co The

New EnglandIns Co

New HampshireIns Co

New York Marine & Gen Ins Co

NGM Ins Co

Nipponkoa Ins Co Ltd US Br

NLC Mut Ins Co

Norguard Ins Co

North Amer Elite Ins Co

North Amer Specialty Ins Co

North Pointe Ins Co

North River Ins Co

North Star Reins Corp

Northbrook Ind Co

Northern Assur Co Of Amer

Northern Ins Co Of NY

Northland Ins Co

Nova Cas Co

Occidental Fire & Cas Co Of NC

Ocean Harbor Cas Ins Co

Odyssey Amer Reins Co

Ohio Cas Ins Co

Ohio FarmersIns Co

Ohio Ind Co

Ohio SecurityIns Co

Old RepublicGen Ins Corp

Old RepublicIns Co

Old RepublicSecurity Assur Co

Old RepublicSurety Co

Old RepublicUnion Ins Co

Old UnitedCas Co

Omega One Ins Co

Omni Ind Co

Omni Ins Co

OneBeacon Amer Ins Co

OneBeacon Ins Co

Owners Ins Co

Pacific Employers Ins Co

Pacific Ind Co

Pacific Specialty Ins Co

PACO Assur Co Inc

Paris Re Amer Ins Co

Park Ave Prop &Cas Ins Co

Partner Reins Co Of The US

Partnerre Ins Co Of NY

Pathfinder Ins Co

Patriot Gen Ins Co

Peachtree Cas Ins Co

Peak Prop & Cas Ins Corp

Peerless Ind Ins Co

Peerless Ins Co

Penn Amer Ins Co

Penn MillersIns Co

Penn Natl Security Ins Co

Pennsylvania Gen Ins Co

Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mut Ins

Pennsylvania Manufacturers Assoc Ins

Pennsylvania Manufacturers Ind Co

Pennsylvania Natl Mut Cas Ins Co

Permanent Gen Assur Corp

Petroleum Cas Co

Pharmacists Mut Ins Co

Philadelphia Ind Ins Co

Phoenix Ins Co

Plans Liab Ins Co

Plateau Cas Ins Co

Platte River Ins Co

Plaza Ins Co

PMA CapitalIns Co

PMI Ins Co

PMI MortgageIns Co

Podiatry Ins Co Of Amer A Mut Co

Praetorian Ins Co

Pre Paid Legal Cas Inc

Preferred Professional Ins Co

Premier Grp Ins Co Inc

ProAssurance SpecialtyIns Co

Professional Liab Ins Co Of Amer

Professional Solutions Ins Co

Professionals AdvocateIns Co

Professionals Direct Ins Co

Progressive AdvancedIns Co

Progressive Cas Ins Co

Progressive DirectIns Co

Progressive Max Ins Co

Progressive Specialty Ins Co

Property & Cas Ins Co Of Hartford

Property-Owners Ins Co

Proselect Natl Ins Co Inc

Protective Ins Co

Providence Washington Ins Co