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VBA Create Workbook

Introduction of workbook

If you have confusion with Worksheet and Workbook, I am trying to clear it.

Workbook: When you open a new Excel document it is called Workbook. There may be many Workbooks in a single folder. A workbook is an Excel file that contains one or more worksheets.

Worksheet: You open a new Excel Workbook or Excel file, and the page on which you are working is called Active Worksheet. In other words, a Worksheet is a collection of cells where you can keep and work with data.

Create workbook

If you want to create a new Excel Workbook, you can simply Right-click on the screen ➡ go to New ➡ click on Microsoft Excel Worksheet, and a new workbook created on the screen.

If want to do this process multiple times, you can easily do this by VBA code.

You can create an Excel workbook without a name and with a name.

I have been saved the file in G drive, you can save it at any particular location.

Let’s see…

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Written by: Kalpesh Agrawal (Actuarial Intern - IIB)


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