• Kalpesh Agrawal

VBA Immediate Window

To understand Immediate Window with the example first, insert some data in our Excel worksheet.

You can directly enter the data in an Excel sheet if you don’t want to write code.

Now, after entering data in the Excel sheet let’s see what we can do by using the immediate window.

You can open it by pressing CTRL + G.

Some examples of uses of Immediate window.

  • Get the number of sheets in Excel Workbook.

  • Change sheet name

  • Ask some mathematical questions to the immediate window.

You can ask questions to an immediate window, and you will get a quick answer.

  • Work in active sheet using the immediate window

  • Enter the data in Excel sheet using the immediate window

We enter the data using an immediate window and change some values and border style using the immediate window.

I hope you understand how to use the immediate window.


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